Wednesday , October 4 2023

Waste incinerator operational again

The Daily Herald reports that engineers from England and the Netherlands were on Saba last week to carry out repairs to the waste incinerator at the recycling facility, which has been out of operations since last year.

The incinerator is used to burn non-recyclable waste. According to Saba Government Information Service (SGIS), the engineers were able to make the incinerator operational again. They also provided the workers at the landfill, as well as several technicians from Saba, with refresher training on the operating procedures for the incinerator, it was stated.

The recycling facility at the landfill in Fort Bay.
The recycling facility at the landfill in Fort Bay.

The engineers emphasized that the incinerator can only be used to burn non-recyclable waste. Recyclables, such as glass and metal, cannot break down in the incinerator and cause inefficient operation of the machine, they said.

Commissioner Bruce Zagers urged the population of Saba to separate their waste. “There is still a lot of mixing of recyclables with non-recyclables. This is especially difficult to detect on days when non-recyclables are collected. Because the non-recyclable waste goes into the incinerator without being separated, this reduces the efficiency of the incinerator. This is one of the many reasons it is very important for all Sabans to recycle,” Commissioner Zagers said.

The Island Government is setting up a new communication campaign for recycling, and is also working on development of internal processes at the Sanitation Department and the landfill to improve recycling.

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