Tuesday , January 31 2023

RCN initiates iLanders project to facilitate the return of highly educated youngsters to the Caribbean

The Dutch public entities in  the Caribbean have been trying hard to make their highly educated fellow islanders return, but so far, without much success. The RCN thinks that a new project could succeed.

Every year ,dozens of youngsters leave the islands to study in the Netherlands, but they hardly have any urge to return. According to the RCN, young people have the idea that the islands do not offer sufficient challenges due to the still relatively small labor market “.

By running campaigns on  social media and to offer attractive conditions, the government now wants to do everything possible to prove the contrary, The objective is,  that young people will indicate already during their studies what their ambitions are. Subsequently, the RCN will contact them if there is a project that suits their wishes. Who returns to the islands with the assistance of the RCN, will receive accommodation for 6 weeks and get their transport costs paid. Also the tickets, relocation and a portion of the student loan will be reimbursed.

Young people who doubt whether there are enough opportunities on the islands, are offered a concrete project for a period of one or two years – with a possibility towards a permanent job. In the event that they  still do not like it, they can return to the European Netherlands at the expense of the government.

At the FRED job fair, the government has  announced its plans to the islanders. Some students and graduates have indicated in what they are interested. Spokesperson Lucia Beck said, that three islanders were in the process of starting a job on the islands.

Besides the RCN, also the organisations OCAN and  Ban Boneiru try to make islanders return that have received a higher education in The Netherlands. They organize information sessions and have set up a job board. Through the the iLanders project, the government is specifically focusing at young people with good education. From the moment that the young people leave for the Netherlands, the RCN wants to stay in contact with them to ensure that the ties with the islands remain hot. For example, to that effect, they are offered internships on the islands.

from Caribisch Netwerk

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