Sunday , October 1 2023

Opinion Daily Herald: Saba follows constructive approach

News that negotiations will start soon to discuss the transfer of tasks from the Dutch Government to Saba (see related story) inspires hope that the status of special overseas Public Entity might prove more durable than certain persons would have it. After all, there has been and still is a considerable measure of discontent especially on the other two Caribbean Netherlands territories St. Eustatius and Bonaire.

That‘s not so much the case for Saba, at least anymore, which the role of local elected representatives and public administrators could have something to do with. It’s as if they decided to make the best of a perhaps-not-ideal situation by constantly seeking improvement rather than just objecting and rejecting the current model.

Working with instead of against authorities in The Hague now seems to be paying off for “The Unspoiled Queen.” The island’s leaders deserve to be commended for remaining steadfast in the wake of criticism also from within their community to ultimately achieve a better and more secure future than under the former Netherlands Antilles.

The reality is that the latter country no longer exists, so feasible alternatives are hard to come by and Saban politicians clearly understand this. The plan is apparently to reward their positive attitude and performance by giving the local government more breathing space.

Some may see this as “selling out” the other two public entities, but what the members of both the Island and Executive Councils are called on to do first and foremost is look after the interests of their constituents. As the Dutch Cabinet has no intention to make drastic changes to the structure introduced per 10-10-10, striving for more responsibility is probably the maximum result to be obtained at this point.

Saba’s constructive approach simply makes a lot of sense.

The Daily Herald’s editorial.

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