Wednesday , March 22 2023

Saba begins with Innovative Ways of Mosquito Control

Recently the Vector Control Department placed a first batch of 10 In2care traps in areas with many mosquitoes. The In2care traps attract female mosquitoes with attractive odours to the water. It then infects the mosquito with a fungus that weakens the mosquito, prevents virus development, and kills the mosquito before she can transmit diseases.


A second, and even more important, mechanism is that the mosquito’s body get covered with a larvacide that the mosquito then takes back to other breeding sites.
The great benefit is that with these traps we can also treat hard to reach or unknown breeding sites

The vector control department asks everybody not to tamper with the traps. Please inform the Vector Control Department if you see a trap that appears broken or toppled over.

The In2care traps are a very promising new tool in the fight against disease carrying mosquitoes. Other innovative methods that the Public Entity is exploring are the release of transgenic mosquitoes or of Wolbachia infected mosquitoes. However, as these are expensive and complex methods, a thorough evaluation of the pros and cons for the Saba setting will be undertaken together with the RIVM.

For more information on how the In2care traps work see

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