Saturday , December 2 2023

Millions of pension lost

Hundreds of civil servants on Bonaire , St. Eustatius and Saba lost up to fifteen years of pension. This was reported by 50PLUS on Saturday.

Jan Nagel

The leader of that party in the Senate , Jan Nagel , encountered the problem during a working visit to the Caribbean part of the Netherlands.
Many pension contributions levied before October 10, 2010 are lost. That’s the day that the Netherlands Antilles were dismantled and the former pension fund APNA handed over its liabilities to Pension Fund Caribbean Netherlands (PCN).
The victims have paid premiums in those years and can prove this with payslips according to Nagel.

According to PCN there were no data from these people in the records of APNA and PCN received no money from APNA for their pension .

Nagel speaks of embezzlement , because money has been collected but cannot be found.
He will raise the matter in the Senate next Tuesday.

De Telegraaf.

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  1. 6 years later this is magically discovered! People in Saba asked about this after 10-10-10, if the money paid into APNA would transfer to PCN. And only now this is figured out?! So people’s hard earned money is just flushed down the drain? PCN should be as much to blame for not looking into this sooner and more seriously. This is robbery!

  2. And now many on Saba will be paying an extra 2.25% in pension for the next XXX amount of upcoming years to make up for the loss. NOT FAIR NOT RIGHT!!