Sunday , October 1 2023

Saba embarks on recycling campaign

The Saba Government has initiated a recycling campaign to promote the recycling of waste materials among private households and businesses on the island.

Saba has a state-of-the-art recycling facility, and the Saba Government wants to further encourage the Saba people to separate and recycle their waste. A better separation of waste improves the recycling process.

The recycling facility at the landfill in Fort Bay.
The recycling facility at the landfill in Fort Bay.

Three students, who are part of the summer jobs programme, will be working on a promotion campaign in the coming period. The campaign will take the students from door to door, and will also be approached in a cross-medial manner.

The objective of the promotion campaign is to have more households and the business sector, including bars and restaurants, actively participate in the separating and recycling of waste material, explained Saba Commissioner in charge of recycling and waste management Bruce Zagers.

Saba wants to remain the Unspoiled Queen, and that is why it is important to dedicate attention to waste management and keeping the island clean, stated Zagers. On April 22, International Earth Day, the Saba Government organised an island-wide clean-up campaign.

The issue of waste management also came up during a recent town hall meeting with the local private sector. The business owners asked the government to improve the waste collection, and promised to cooperate with government’s efforts to promote recycling. Government would like to see everyone actively participate in the improving of the wastemanagement process.

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