Wednesday , February 1 2023

New portfolio division in Saba

Saba’s Executive Council has determined the new portfolio division following the departure of former Commissioner Chris Johnson who has been appointed the new Dutch Government Representative in St. Maarten, and the appointment of the new Commissioner Rolando Wilson, formerly a Member of the Island Council.

The new portfolio division puts Commissioner Bruce Zagers in charge of: Constitutional Affairs, Government Organisation and Housing, Finance, Water, Energy, Planning, Public Works, Tourism, Communication, Education, Harbour and Airport Affairs.

Commissioner Wilson has in his portfolio: Health Care, Economic Affairs, Social Housing, Social and Labour Affairs, Cadastre and Domain Affairs, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, Archives, Youth Affairs, Culture and Sports, Gender Affairs, Telecommunications.

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson is in charge of: Protocol, Census, Elections, Disaster Management, Public Order and Safety, Personnel Affairs. The new portfolio division has been sent to the Island Council for their acknowledgement.

The Daily Herald.

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