Thursday , February 2 2023

New version of online wage sheet available

Belastingdienst (Tax Department) Caribisch Nederland has recently made considerable progress in its service provisions to companies by engaging the users (employers) in the development of the new version of the online Collective Wage Sheet (Verzamelloonstaat, VZLS). Their wishes and recommendations resulted in an application which is more user-friendly.

The online VZLS is an application in which employers must provide data annually in January about persons who have been in their employment in the past year. This also applies to directors, supervisory directors and persons who work on a commission basis. It also applies to data of third parties who have performed work or services and were not directly employed by you.

The Department is constantly seeking to optimise its service provision. Together with the users, the Department has implemented improvements in this application. One of the main improvements is that when errors occur while submitting the VZLS, a list of error messages is presented, which shows what should be adjusted. Furthermore, the application now also includes the option to print a copy for one’s own records after submission.

The new online VZLS can be found at https://mijn.

For more information regarding VZLS or wage tax, contact Joyce Domacasse via e-mail at Joyce.Domacasse@ Belastingdienst-cn. nl.

The Daily Herald.

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