Saturday , December 2 2023

Zagers in St.Maarten to talk about tourism

Tourism Commissioner Bruce Zagers will be in St. Maarten today, Tuesday to meet with several key stakeholders on the sister island, including St. Maarten Tourism Minister Irania Arrindell, writes The Daily Herald.

Zagers, who has been put in charge of tourism under the new portfolio division, will be travelling to St. Maarten today to meet with several key stakeholders there. Zagers will also be meeting with Tourism Minister Arrindell to discuss the cooperation between the two islands.

The Saba delegation will be visiting the many activity desks in St. Maarten and also French St. Martin to get first-hand information on what is available about Saba. Many of the day visitors that come to Saba depart from St. Maarten and it is important to know what kind of information is available there about the activities and facilities in Saba.

Zagers met with almost every tourism-related stakeholder in Saba last week to get their input about what is being done in the area of tourism and which improvements could be made to further develop the product.

“This was a very enlightening experience for me as the new portfolio holder,” stated Zagers about the meeting with the stakeholders, whom he thanked for their cooperation. The Commissioner met with Director Glenn Holm of the Saba Tourist Office two weeks ago.

The idea is to draft a report after the completion of the research which will be shared with the relevant stakeholders in order to make an action plan with goals that are fully supported by everyone involved. According to Zagers, the increased tourist arrivals will be instrumental to the development of Saba’s economy.

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