Sunday , February 25 2024

Wilson wants boost for Saba agriculture

Saba’s newly appointed Commissioner Rolando Wilson wants to enhance the agriculture on the island, writes The Daily Herald.

Saba, with its good quality soil, is very suitable for agriculture. In the past the population relied much more on local products which were even exported, such as sweet potatoes, tanya and tomatoes. Producing and consuming locally grown products is not only cheaper and healthier, but it also limits import and creates employment.

Wilson explained that step one was to support the few farmers left on the island. Government will look into facilitating water to the farmers in dry months. Water is a costly commodity on the island: people live off filtered rainwater and in times of need water is bought and delivered with trucks.

Step two is to support a number of part-time farmers with, for example, the import of seeds and manure which will be made available to them at a reduced tariff. According to Wilson, the ultimate objective is to set up an agriculture project to grow fruit trees and plants with the intention to sell the fruits and vegetables through the local supermarkets and possibly via a farmers market in combination with a fish market. This will be done along with the Saba Reach programme.

Wilson has the portfolios Health Care, Economic Affairs, Social Housing, Social and Labour Affairs, Cadastre and Domain Affairs, Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, Archives, Youth Affairs, Culture and Sports, Gender Affairs, Telecommunications.

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