Wednesday , February 8 2023

Aqua Mania Adventures’ special for Saba Carnival July 23-31

The Dutch island of Saba is a refreshing change from the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle that St Maarten provides. Named the “Unspoiled Queen” she is an eco-paradise and quite the getaway for avid divers, hikers and nature enthusiasts.

From July 23 – July 31 Saba’s Carnival is taking place, which is a week of celebrations. What better reason to visit this spectacular island and this party is for everyone!

The Edge
The Edge

Aqua Mania Adventures has been operating the high speed ferry ‘Edge’ to Saba for several decades now and is always eager to promote any special events taking place in Saba. This year they offer a special for visitors who want to spend multiple days in Saba while enjoying Carnival. For those travelling to Saba on Friday July 29th and returning on Sunday July 31st, a special rate applies of $100pp + port fees. As per usual, a local rate is offered to those living in St Maarten or Saba.

A multiple day stay in Saba is really the way to go whether it’s to celebrate Carnival, to hike through the amazing rain forest, dive the stunning pinnacles or even to tour the entire island. One day is simply not enough to explore this unique island and its lovely people.

Book the Edge to Saba now, ask for the special at, or book online at

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