Monday , May 29 2023

Participatory Action Research for a Healthy Marine Ecosystem

As is the case with most coastal environments, the marine ecosystem of Saba is under constant pressure. Hurricanes, illegal fishing activities, and global warming form a constant threat to coral, fish, sharks and other marine life. The Saba Conservation Foundation in close cooperation with the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance address this issue from several angles, including efforts such as research on the Saba Bank and awareness campaigns.

In order to clarify local stakeholders’ views and needs with regards to the marine ecosystem, Madelon Eelderink from 7Senses recently has arrived on Saba. She is currently interviewing fishermen, divers, Saba Conservation Foundation staff, church representatives and other locals and residents of Saba to ask their opinion on marine life and what their solutions are to keep the marine ecosystem healthy for the future. Based on her findings, she will facilitate the process of co-creating with local stakeholders a suitable plan of action –executed by locals- to improve the health of the marine ecosystem in a way that it benefits the local people on Saba. As such, Sabans as well as visitors can keep enjoying the beauty of marine life and ensure delicious fish on their plate now as well as in the future.

Madelon will be on Saba until the end of August 2016. For any further inquiries or input, don’t hesitate to contact her via Saba Conservation Foundation at 416-3295 or

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