Wednesday , March 22 2023

The Ecolodge has new owners

Yes. Ecolodge has really been sold and that’s Great News!
Ecolodge Rendez-Vous — resort and restaurant — will be preserved and upgraded by its new owners, honoring its unique environmental purpose while aiming to make Saba a world class eco-tourism destination. The sale gives people new hope about the future of this significant property. It shows people are making new choices to live here and develop.

Why Is the Sale Of Ecolodge Important?

It’s something to celebrate: This landmark resort will continue!
When the new owners saw the Ecolodge they instantly connected with it. They saw its value, respected its meaning and fell in love with its possibilities. What a satisfying feeling to see people creating, imagining, eagerly planning and looking forward to promoting Ecolodge — building greater awareness about Saba — attracting new tourism to Saba throughout the Caribbean and around the world. It’s the owners love for Ecolodge that matters most. They intend to keep the eco-friendly concept of Ecolodge Rendez-Vous intact while adding comfort and style to the 12 individual cottages and restaurant.

Ecolodge has survived.

Many people have been immensely helpful volunteering time and contributing money so this vital island attraction will survive. There has always been loving work poured into this beautiful property from the moment it was first conceived, to its building and opening and operation over the years.
The spirit of Ecolodge has lived through many successes and challenges and with new owners on board its significance will continue to thrive.
Lots of real plans to refurbish the buildings and restaurant are in process. The ideas are substantial with solid business and life skills about ecology, organic farming and nature preservation.

We’re confident the future of Ecolodge is a positive one without limits, with new life and new direction.

Ecolodge is a special and beautiful resort

5 years ago we first saw Ecolodge and were filled with wonder at the location, purpose and… the delicious food. We’ve always marveled at the place, just like many tourists and guests who have experienced its magic. So when we were asked to help sell Ecolodge we naturally dived right in researching the property, talking to people, studying ecology and learning all we could about Eco Lodges around the world. It was remarkable for us to discover the story and history of this lovely resort on the edge of the rainforest of Saba.

We had the good fortunate to speak directly with conservationist Tom van’t Hof as well as local artist Heleen Cornet, who were both creators of Ecolodge. It was exciting and emotional to visit the property and learn first-hand what it is all about when it began some 12 years ago.

Tom told us this: “The area has always been known as Rendez-vous supposedly because this is where people would gather in case of a hurricane or calamity… The original concept was to offer off the grid access where guests would sacrifice a bit of comfort for close proximity with nature… At Ecolodge you see people enjoying themselves, they are happy and this is the most rewarding experience you can have as an owner. I hope the new owners will give it the constant attention and work it needs and above all, love.

Finding the right people and place

One of things we’re proudest of in selling Ecolodge was finding the right people who understood its value and founding principles. It’s one of the biggest goals we hope to accomplish in our work and when we succeed… it makes for tremendous personal and professional gratitude.

We believe there is a right person for every property, that there’s a specific piece of land or a home that calls out to a perspective buyer or renter looking to live the quality of life existing here on Saba and, which we think, surpasses most places on earth.

Albert & Michael – SABA Island Properties

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Congrats! I hope that they will remove the disgusting walls of beer-bottles!

  2. The beer bottle wall is fine, leave it!

  3. Very thankful that this beautiful treasure will be preserved! We love it there and now it will be there for all to enjoy for many years to come! Congrats to the new owners!