Monday , May 29 2023

Dutch police officer fatally shot in Bonaire – Update 18-08

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Late Wednesday evening around 10:00 pm a police patrol in Bonaire responded to an armed robbery in the area of Sabbadeco Terrace in Bonaire.

Where the police officers got in an exchange of heavy gunfire, one police officer was fatally hit by one or more bullets.

The robbers were later arrested by other police officers and are now in police custody.

According to information 721news has accumulated via Facebook post (Live 99.9FM Bonaire radio station) the Police officer is a Dutch national with the initial B. who was stationed in Bonaire.


Update 18.8.2016

Verbal statement by Chief Prosecutor BES, Mr. Henry Beukers (in Dutch).

The officer who was killed is Mr. Ferdinand Bakx,. He was 45 years old and worked with KPCN since 2013.

In contrast to what was announced above, Mr. Beukers said that none of the culprits have been arrested yet.

Chief Prosecutor Henry Hambeuker
Chief Prosecutor Henry Hambeuker
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