Wednesday , October 4 2023

Free roaming goats in and around The Bottom will be killed

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Public Notice 32

The Executive Council of the Public Entity of Saba hereby informs the public of the following:

Based on the Island Ordinance of Identification and Registration of livestock and domestic animals (nr.2004.1), article 7 c.a., as of Monday August 29th, 2016 designated hunters will be hunting the free roaming goats in The Bottom and its vicinities. Anyone who claims to have ownership of free roaming goats in said areas, has five working days to claim such by the Island Governor.


The Island Secretary & The Island Governor.

Dr. Gina Boorsma will be leaving Saba by the end of 2016
Saba realises long list of investments in 2015

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  1. So, I’m just curious to know what the Dutch Government plans on doing with the drug dealers on the island after they deal with the goat issue? I’m not referring to marijuana either, I am talking about dangerous hard drugs. Just trying to understand where their public safety and health priorities are??