Saturday , February 4 2023

Open Monuments Days

Info for you and for your guests on Saba

The second weekend in September is traditionally Open Monuments Days in the Netherlands.
The theme this year is “Icons & Symbols”


Traditional Saban Cottages are the icons of Saba
Each morning at 9:30 on the 10th and 11th of September  a presentation (30 minutes) will be given in Dutch Museum Saba about the features and backgrounds of traditional Saban cottages based on the study of dr. ir. Frans Brugman from around 1990 and the book with paintings made by Heleen Cornet.


The presentations will be given by René Caderius van Veen, conservator.

After the powerpoint presentation a short excursion (45 minutes) will follow along an area in Windwardside that should be protected as cultural heritage as Village View and also two visits to two different types of traditional cottages from around 1850 will be guided by the president of the Foundation Dutch Museum Saba, Judith Bobel, interior architect.

Reservations BEFORE the 10th of September


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