Wednesday , October 4 2023

Commissioner Wilson to visit Bonaire next week

Commissioner Rolando Wilson will be traveling to Bonaire on Sunday for an official working visit to the island.

On Monday morning, he will be paying an official visit to the medical facilities of Fundashon Mariadal, to be followed by a meeting with the Executive Councils of Bonaire and St. Eustatius.

On Monday afternoon, Commissioner Wilson will be paying a working visit to Health Insurance Office ZVK and making his introduction as Saba’s Commissioner of Public Health.

On Tuesday, the Commissioner will be participating in the official celebrations of Dia di Bonaire. Commissioner Wilson stated that it is very important for him to be there to celebrate with the Government and people of Bonaire, “in light of the fact that on December 2, we too will be celebrating our Saba Day and it is my hope that people of the island, as well as the Executive Council of Bonaire, will join us once more again. Over the past years, we have tried our best to be present to celebrate and enjoy their day, as they do come to celebrate and enjoy with us.”

On Wednesday, Commissioner Wilson will continue with a round of introductory meetings. He will start off his day by meeting with Director of Surveillance and Enforcement (Toezicht en Handhaving) Joan Theodora-Brewster, and get a tour of the facilities and department that fall under her responsibility.

Wilson will also visit the Department of Labour of the Public Entity Bonaire. On Wednesday afternoon, he will also be visiting the offices of Labour and Social Affairs of Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN.

“It is very important for me to visit many of the departments while on Bonaire and receive first-hand information on how they are doing certain things that we can learn from, and try and implement them here at home. Bonaire, being a much bigger island than us, there are definitely certain things that we can learn from them. I will make it a point to let them know that when there is a need for us to call on them for assistance that we will do so. As part of the new status, we have to work much closer together. Once the necessary contacts are made by me as Commissioner, it is my hope that at some point in time, the departments that fall directly under me as Commissioner, will be able to carry out the follow-ups and work together,” Wilson stated.

The Daily Herald.

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