Thursday , January 26 2023

20 years of Broadreach Adventures on Saba

This year marks the 20th year Broadreach has been visiting Saba and volunteering with the Saba Conservation Foundation. This summer they were all over the island; from the summit of Mt Scenery to 50feet below the ocean surface at the Coral Nursery.

Their Community Service activities included:
– picking up trash and debris on the Dancing Place Trail
– cleaning the algae off the Coral Nursery and helping collect data
– trail maintenance on Middle Island Trail/Cow Pasture
– picking up trash off the Crispeen Track
– trailblazing the new trail from the Sandy Cruz Track to the summit of Mt Scenery
– picking up trash from Banana Gut, where the Trail Shop is located
– surveying Tent Beach as a part of Dr. Jennifer Rahn’s on-going research
– carrying and placing benches on trails for hikers to rest

And more!

A big thank you goes to Broadreach for all of their help this summer, and for the past 20 summers!

The Saba Conservation Foundation

Well's Bay road closed Friday September 9, 2016
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