Friday , March 1 2024

Kick off for second Saba Fit-The Course

Monday evening, September 5th, was the kick off night for the second edition of a program on Saba that aims at helping children and their families to live a healthier lifestyle. Saba Fit-The Course is a ten week program, which is an an initiative of Saba-Fit, the Public Health Department Saba and the Saba Healthcare Foundation. During the program, 12 children aged 9-12 have weekly sessions that focus on nutrition, fun ways to be active and on ways to improve well-being, self-confidence and finding talents.


Research clearly shows that people who are more active and eat better feel more energized, sleep better, are happier. It also lowers their chances of several diseases and they perform better in school. But it can still be hard to make the healthy choice.

The families of the participants are expected to be involved too, as parents serve as role-models to their children and have a significant influence on what a child eats and how a child feels. Parents will be provided with weekly tips, background information and goals. They will also meet with a nutritionist three times during the program. There will also be an individualized family support system.

During the kick off the families learned more about the program, met the team and made some great smoothies and fresh mashed veggies and potatoes

Last years edition was deemed a success. Many of the families reported that they were more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They implemented changes to their daily diets and made efforts to encourage activity. We hope to see similar results for this year’s program!

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