Thursday , November 30 2023

Laura Linzey Day Care Center on Saba Celebrates 20 Years

The Laura Linzey Day Care Center celebrated its twenty year anniversary on October 1st 2016. Twenty years ago, the commissioner at the time, Christina Woodley Charles, along with the Foundation of Early Childhood Care Saba, whose members were Dave Levenstone, Amorelle Granger, Franklin Wilson and Edwarda Richarson, made the dream of a day care center become a reality. Their dedication resulted in a day care which has had an enormous impact of the community of Saba.


The day that the Laura Linzey Day Care Center opened its doors, it began with five staff members and three children. The dedication of these first caregivers was shown when, not only did they care for the children during day, but also attended night classes to become certified. Thanks to sustained investment by the Public Entity Saba, the number of children has since grown to forty-six, with a staff of nine caregivers and one director. Unfortunately, the current location of the Center cannot accommodate the amount of children enrolled at the Day Care.

Recently, the Public Entity Saba, who is responsible for the children’s age group 0-4, together with The National Government has set up an investment plan for the Laura Linzey Day Care Center. This plan will include an increase in classroom locations for the day care, investment in training and education for staff members, and more materials to be used within the class rooms. On October 4th 2016, the first step of this plan commenced with the signing of a 1 year contract, with the possibility of renewal, between Commissioner of Youth Affairs Rolando Wilson and Reverend J. Rohim from Christ Church in the Bottom, for the rental of the Anglican John Canon Hall Rectory. This space will help to alleviate the pressure the Centre is presently facing, and will be used as an extra classroom for the three-four year olds until the day care moves to St. John’s, creating a more productive atmosphere for the children. The children partake in a daily routine which aims to prepare the children for K1. They learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colours.

In the past 20 years, the Laura Linzey Day Care has proven itself to be a valuable part of Saba’s community. It has exceeded expectations and past and present staff members should be proud of their achievements. The staff of the day care has created a solid foundation, which will be built upon. Saba can be very proud of the day care for its unique qualities and its stability within the region. The Public Entity Saba is dedicated to the continued investment of the Laura Linzey Day Care Center and to the youth of Saba and would like to thank the Anglican Vestry and Reverend J. Rohim for cooperating with this endeavour.

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  1. From Curaçao we’re thinking of all our friends in Saba. We wish you strength today and the coming period. My special regards for Amorelle Granger who I met during the planning of the airport terminal building.