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Saba’s Calendar of Events Continues to Grow: Saba Lobster fest November 4-6

Stakeholders of Saba’s tourism private sector, continue to invest in Saba’s Calendar of Events, with the intention of increasing the attractions available for tourists, as well as highlighting the many unique offerings of Saba. A select group of organizers have made the initiative to invest in Saba’s culinary scene. With the recent success of Saba Restaurant Week in September, the addition of a second restaurant week for April 2017 and the Taste of Saba weekend for June 2017, the momentum of this movement continues to grow.

In recent years, the popularity of lobster has decreased on Saba, and is no longer regularly highlighted in Saba’s restaurants. The organizers of the recent and upcoming culinary events are determined to change this status and will do this with an annual Saba Lobster Fest, the first of which will be next month, November 4th – 6th 2016. During Saba Lobster Fest, restaurants will be offering lunch and dinner specials; featuring the Saba Bank Spiny Lobster, which are caught on The Saba Bank; a unique shallow submerged atoll, which lies between 3.5 and 42 nautical miles off Saba. The Saba Bank Spiny Lobster is famous all over the Caribbean region, and should also be appreciated here on Saba.

There will be eleven restaurants participating Brigadoon, Chez Bubba Bistro, Deep End, Island Flavor, Long Haul Grill, Queen’s Gardens Restaurant, Saba Snack, Scout’s Place, The Hideaway, Topo Gigio and Tropics Café and seven supporting fishermen Bradley Johnson, Ivan Hassell, Julian Hassell, Michel Peterson, Nicolas Johnson, Randell Zagers, and Ryan Hassell.

Commissioner of Tourism, Bruce Zagers, praises the efforts of the tourism private sector to enhance the awareness of Saba’s culinary offerings. He stated, “It is initiatives like these that will help to boost the tourism industry on Saba. The Public Entity Saba will continue to support private initiatives that will benefit the island as a whole. It is time that people remember that this is the ‘Home of the Saba Lobster’, and it should be celebrated as such. I hope to see more of these endeavors in the future, and lobster featured more prominently in our restaurants”. The people of Saba, and any visitors to the island, are encouraged to come out November 4th-November 6th 2016, to participate in this event.
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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    All of this is nice for local people, inhabitants of Saba and for those tourists that are on the island already, but it is NOT attracting new tourists! Where is the tourism professionality here on Saba?