Thursday , February 9 2023

Saba Releases New Disaster Preparation App

The Executive Council is releasing a disaster preparation smartphone app.

The app contains, for example, information on what to do during various disasters, how to prepare for the disasters and emergency numbers. Before, during or after a disaster, the app will have the latest information from the Public Entity Saba about extra measures taken or instructions for the public. The app can be downloaded via the normal app stores and is called “Disasterprep Saba”.

Once the app is downloaded, the information will always be on the smartphone. When there is an update, the information on the phone will be updated when connection is made with internet.

Opening page of Saba’s disaster & risk app

The ESF (Emergency Service Function) section in the app is an area that will only be available to the ESF groups, who will have login credentials. Trying to open this area will give the app access to the phone’s camera; this function can be turned off. Next to the app, the Public Entity will continue to produce a hurricane brochure, and to use Facebook, radio and the newsletter to keep all citizens and visitors informed about how to prepare for a disaster.

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