Saturday , February 4 2023

Air-soft guns no longer permitted

So-called air-soft guns will no longer be permitted on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (BES-islands) effective January 1. The reason is that they look too much like the real thing and can effectively be used in robberies.


Customs has already been confiscating these items brought in at the airport and harbour because they officially fall under the BES weapons law, but starting next year authorities will also go after people who already have one.

Those in the Caribbean Netherlands who practice the sport of paintball now likely have to find another hobby.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. Yes, because Saba has so many armed robberies that something like this needs to be put into place.
    Question, does anyone know if person’s paintball guns are taken away in Holland?
    I think this is something that borders on paranoia for Saba. We rarely have robberies, so I think we’re jumping the gun here by assuming we’d have armed robberies with paint ball guns.
    Perhaps there needs to be more/better regulations in place for soft guns, but I think it’s ridiculous to confiscate them from people who have them.

  2. It says there have already been confiscated at the airport and harbor. may I ask what harbor and what airport as I need to know if I am safe on the Island of Saba.
    Vincent Hassell

  3. Has anyone one Saba been robbed with these guns? Are there any solid proof of this? Who got robbed and when? These are the nonsensical laws that we are to live with on this little island.

  4. Are You Kidding Me here???? You wanna confiscate paint ball guns??? That is rediculas!!!
    This is a fun pass time……since there is sooooo much to do here…… for the local kids/adults!

    And we don’t have armed robberies here…we have take while you are out…..theft!!! Assholes on Crack usually!!!!
    Yes we do have Crack……in our Paradise!!! ( The drug for losers for True!)

    We have all watched a WINNER/Business Person Type ………TURN INTO A LOOSER….LIAR/THIEF/UGLY PERSON……INSIDE ….AND OUT …doing only bad business now…….

    So,work on the Crack…Not the Past Time Fun We Have With the sport/Fun Game of Paint Ball…usually played at the dump..if I remember right.

    Grow up..we are sick of being Taken From……Unarmed!!!!!!

  5. Ha ha ha….This Is Not Bonaire!!!! Saba Is Still Saba!!!!! No,comparisons What So Ever!!!!!
    Don’t bring your problems to our little island…thay don’t exist here!!!!!