Saturday , May 27 2023

Opinion: KLM discriminates Saba citizens: Prices 33% are higher than flying from Holland

KLM sells flight tickets for domestic flights within the Netherlands between Amsterdam and Saba. That is good news. However, the citizens of Saba are seriously discriminated by KLM.

If someone from the Europeans Netherlands wants to buy a ticket the price is 33% lower than if a citizen of Saba buys the ticket for the same trip in the same period.

Can it be that VVD and PVV have extended their influence in KLM management and that this is a trick to keep the Caribbean Dutch away from Holland?

Kees Jansen



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  1. Winair also discriminates by offering student fairs to the Medical students but not to local college students.
    Or, I should say, if there’s a college student rate for our locals I have never heard of it.