Thursday , November 30 2023

Vote to help Saba win "Most beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands" status. Deadline: October 30

Vote for Saba as the 

“Most Beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands”!

Saba, with the highest point in the Netherlands, Mt. Scenery, and its surrounding waters has been nominated for the “Most Beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands” elections. Mt. Scenery’s Elfin Forest has an exotic, even mystical aura, with trickling water, moss laden mountain mahogany, bromeliads, ferns, rare orchids and many other flowering plants. Traditional architecture, charming villages, cultural sites, and an extensive trail network make Saba a place like no other.

Taking a step onto Saba is like taking a step back in time, to a time of security, a time of being connected to nature and our surroundings and a time of pride, preservation and perseverance. The Saba National Marine Park, one of the first of its kind, protects spectacular underwater pinnacles that rise from the ocean floor to within 20 meters of the surface and some of the healthiest coral reefs in the region. The National Park Saba Bank, a submerged atoll crowned by a ring of growing coral reef, is one of the largest protected areas in the Caribbean.


The Island Government of Saba, along with local organizations the Saba Conservation Foundation and the Saba Archaeological Center have pledged to continue the preservation of Saba’s natural charm, unspoiled atmosphere and its unique heritage. Winning this competition would only enhance Saba’s ability to do this, and the prize money would go towards projects such as the preservation and upgrading of Saba’s trails and some heritage sites.


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Deadline October 30th!

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Saba volleyball team heading to World Qualification Tournament
Preparations start for 41st Saba Day