Monday , February 26 2024

Saba volleyball team heading to World Qualification Tournament

The Saba Female National Team will participate in the World Championship Qualification Volleyball Tournament on St. Maarten this weekend. The Commissioner of Sports and Culture was at the airport to wish them well.


Jarmila Berkel ,Christina Hassell, Movida Williams, Joyann Robinson, Sheritsa Oleana, Aureanna Nation, Erica Hassell, Nakeisha Leverock and Janelie Barnes will be representing Saba.

Coaches are Derek Spence and Antonio Hughes and manager is Germaine Zimmerman.

The games will be played at the “Matthew Francois Sports Auditorium” in Galisbay, St. Maarten and will start this morning at 9 am.

Saba not a winner in the election "Most beautiful nature area of The Netherlands"
Vote to help Saba win "Most beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands" status. Deadline: October 30

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  1. Why was not there someone in government to repersent the team, Statia, Sxm, St Kitts and the other islands they all had representation… what happen to Saba