Wednesday , November 29 2023

Saba not a winner in the election "Most beautiful nature area of The Netherlands"

The Dutch citizens have elected the Wadden Sea area, the Veluwe and the Dutch dunes as the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. The professional jury added the Biesbosch delta and Haringvliet as a fourth winner to the three areas chosen by citizens.

Foto: Marjolein Hurkmans
The Dutch Wadden islands
Foto: Marjolein Hurkmans

In the Dutch TV program “De wereld draait door”, Secretary of State Martijn van Dam announced that almost 90,000 people did cast their vote.

The four winners will each receive up to 300,000 euros from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. With these funds they can make their nature area more accessible and better known. They also get a prominent place in a nationwide campaign to promote the Dutch nature.

Unfortunately, Saba received the fewest votes.

With this election Van Dam hopes to be able to add Dutch nature to the familiar row of national icons such as the tulip, windmills and Amsterdam.

The final results:

Area Votes
The Dutch Wadden Islands 15 135
De Veluwe 10,053
National Park Dutch Dunes 8583
National Park Oosterschelde 8029
NL Delta Biesbosch – Haringvliet 7489
Grenspark Limburg 6736
Weerribben – Wieden 6485
Van Gogh National Park 5905
National Park Drentsche Aa 5453
National Park, New Land 4081
National Park Heuvelrug 4075
The Frisian WIJlanden 3213
Saba and surrounding sea 2666

De Telegraaf

Election "Most Beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands" was excellent showcase for Saba
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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    Who else made that much promotion for Saba in order to become selected as the most beautiful region of the Netherlands?

This is what I did and what I’m still doing an that appoart from and besides a direct approach of hundreds of organisations that are related to: nature, hiking, fdiving, protection, landscape,etc.etc.

    Here the result of 1 promotion that I paid for

    “Stem voor Saba als mooiste natuurgebied van Nederland!!!” (plus links)
    38.576 mensen bereikt
    Mensen die je promotie hebben gezien

    1.211 Betrokkenheid bij bericht
    Reacties, klikken, deelacties en meer

    $ 60,00 uitgegeven

    Here another result of another promotion that I paid for

    “Please vote for Saba in the election of Netherlands’ most beautiful nature area! In all meanings Saba is the top of the Netherlands! (plus links)
    You have just 5 days left for voting! Choose:…”
    21.575 mensen bereikt
    Mensen die je promotie hebben gezien

    11.022 Videoweergaven
    Reacties, klikken, deelacties en meer

    $ 50,00 uitgegeven

    And … it still goes on !!!
Today: 3rd of November at 13:00
    And … it still goes on !!!
    Today: 3rd of November at 13:00
    The first of November: 17 likes, the 2nd: 10 likes, today 21 likes, 13 new visits and 6 shares of the presented video.