Saturday , February 4 2023

Dozens get free glaucoma tests

World Sight Day, which was observed on October 13, was marked on Saba with a series of free glaucoma tests offered by Saba Lions Club together with Eye Care Optical, Body, Mind and Spirit, Saba Healthcare Foundation, and the Public Health Department from October 15 to 22.

Saba resident gets eyes checked.
Saba resident gets eyes checked.

Some 58 persons had their eyes checked at the awareness event at Eye Care Optical. Seven of those had to come back for a follow-up visit, and four people were diagnosed with glaucoma. Two people were also referred to the hospital in St. Maarten with other eye problems. These people are now aware of the status of their eyes and they can pursue the needed medical care.

In addition to the advertisement in the newspaper, Lions Club members actively campaigned at Breadline Plaza. Twenty people came in on the first day and word of mouth made sure more people followed.

Glaucoma usually occurs when the fluid in the eye cannot drain properly, which increases the pressure inside the eye and puts pressure on the optic nerve. It can lead to loss of vision if not detected and treated early.

The Daily Herald.

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