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Saba writer Angie Ignacio publishes children's book

The next publication of Saba writer Angie Ignacio will be a children’s picture book. Baby Toucan touches on relevant topics such as adoption, discrimination and making friends despite differences with others.

Author Angie Ignacio.
Author Angie Ignacio.

“Being adopted as a child gave me insights I now want to share with adopted kids, and their parents in a cheerful way,” said Ignacio in a press release, announcing the publication of her new book in December 2016 or January 2017. Baby Toucan is the first in a series of seven children’s picture books which follows the life of a family represented by toucan birds.

According to Ignacio, serious topics such as the preventing of bullying are brought in a playful and colourful way, enhanced by beautiful illustrations. Baby Toucan will be available in online bookstores in both physical and eBook format.

Ignacio said that the Baby Toucan picture book series will make a perfect gift for parents with young children who have been adopted or parents who teach their young ones about adopted children and those who may look different from them. “Adopted children should especially be able to relate to the characters in the story,” she said.

An illustration from the first Baby Toucan book drawn by Von Lemmor Canlas.
An illustration from the first Baby Toucan book drawn by Von Lemmor Canlas.

Ignacio is a 26-year-old Communications Management student, a blogger, poet and writer who hails from Saba and went to the Netherlands to further her studies. Her writing debut “I’m Only Human,” was a personal mini-poetry collection.

Her new work the Baby Toucan series is more than just a book as it is quite personal to her. Being an adopted child, she wanted to help lessen the stigma of adoption among young children and do her share in preventing bullying from occurring just because someone is just a little different.

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