Wednesday , March 22 2023

Saba Healthcare, Public Health sign a cooperation agreement

A Cooperation Agreement between Saba Health Care Foundation (SHCF) and the Public Health Department (PHD) was signed on Monday. The agreement formally defines the cooperation between both organisations.

The roles of the two organisations are complementary and overlap at times, and as a simplification the PHD’s main task can be stated as preventing illnesses in people on Saba and SHCF’s main task can be summarized as providing care and treatment for people who are/feel ill.


The PHD and SHCF have been working together closely on many health topics such as doctors and nurses of SHCF founded and continue to support the PHD’s Baby Clinic and Youth Health Care programme.

PHD is responsible for outbreak management; however, this cannot be done without the cooperation and alertness of SHCF’s staff.

PHD also advises SHCF on infectious diseases control measures to further improve patient and staff safety. Both organisations hope to continue to strengthen the close cooperation and by doing so improve the health of all persons on Saba.

The Daily Herald.

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