Wednesday , February 1 2023

Christmas in the Park 2016

Season’s Greetings, give thanks!

I am happy to inform you that a committee has been established by the Public Entity Saba to oversee the preservation of the Queen Wilhelmina Park in the Bottom. And we are pleased to announce that this year we will once again be hosting Christmas in the park 2016.

The committee members are Mrs. Rosalyn Johnson, Mr. Ronny Simmons, Mrs. Suleyka Van Oosteren-de La Rosa, Mr. Armaund Simmons, Mrs. Patsy Levenstone and Mr. Neville Martin. Feel free to contact them for further information.

I am once again calling on you the people who love Saba, especially the residents of the Bottom, to make a financial contribution which will go towards purchasing of Christmas beautifications for the park.

If you have used Christmas decorations at home and you would like to donate them, they will be greatly appreciated.

In the week of December 12th, we hope to officially open Christmas in the park for all citizens and visitors of Saba to enjoy. We also hope to invite the carolling group to perform at the park along with some other entertainment to really bring in the Christmas spirit. If you would like to make a contribution in the entertainment field this will also be very much appreciated.

I look forward to receiving your full support and cooperation. Let us come together like we always do and make this Christmas special for our family and friends. Thank you in advance.



Akilah M. Levenstone

M: 416-5982

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