Wednesday , October 4 2023

Everyt'ings and Five Square Art Gallery Grand Opening


Despite showery conditions, a good crowd of more than 50 people gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Everyt’ings gift shop and Five Square Art Gallery shopping complex at the old police station in Windwardside last Thursday. The doors opened at 5 o’clock precisely, with some people having been waiting for up to half an hour – and they didn’t seem to be disappointed, with one happy customer saying, “I can’t believe it, a real proper store on Saba, I never thought I’d see the day”.

Glasses of wine, beer and sodas were dispensed whilst the gathered throng checked out the merchandise in the store and artwork in the gallery; the overwhelming consensus amongst those present was that this was an exciting, new and improved shopping experience on Saba.


As twilight descended and to mark the occasion, one of the co-owners, Gerard ‘Gersh’ Geenty, made a short speech to welcome everyone and to explain how and why Everyt’ings and Five Square had arrived at ‘The Old Nick’ (English slang for ‘the old police station’). “Once we’d begun to understand the basics of the businesses that we’d bought we wanted to improve the end product for our customers. Not only do we want to offer the best products at the best price but we want to offer the best shopping experience – and we want to do our bit for keeping Saba as the Unspoiled Queen”.


“So not only are our new premises larger, all on one level and airy but we have re-wired the whole complex and only installed LED lighting. As well as reducing the heat produced by our lights, using only LED’s means that we’re doing something extra for Saba’s ecology and it’s future. By using LED’s instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs we shall reduce our carbon footprint by more than 60% – and with more than 100 lights, that’s a lot of carbon footprint”.

Geenty went on to thank all of the people who had helped during the long project, and in particular Miryam Hassell, “their dear employee who had been working for Everyt’ings since before Saba had been discovered”.


A number of people expressed regret that no sales were being offered during the opening party but as Emilie Declippeleir, the other owner of the businesses said “Sometimes you just want to share the moment with your friends and customers and turn the business thing off”.
Despite being unable to buy anything on Thursday night, most seemed very happy.


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