Friday , March 24 2023

Financial support for studying in Canada will become available

Good news for students from Caribbean Netherlands: the study financing system BES will be adapted. Thanks to the adaptations students will also be able to study in Canada. The Second Chamber has discussed this Bill on December 15.

Saba had requested to make the study financing system BES also applicable to studies in Canada  Many students from Saba and Statia prefer to study in an English speaking country rather than in The Netherlands because their mother tongue is English

Esther Henry, who is currently studying in the United States, is enthusiastic about the impending adaptations. She has already sought information about a number of Canadian universities. “The difference would be around 5000 dollar, but in addition, the level of education level is higher in Canada. ” She is looking forward to do her MBA in Canada now.

Also Rose Caines, currently based in the Netherlands, is happy. The tuition at American universities is simply too high. Caines: “the main reason to go to Canada would be to complete my education. But also because it would be cheaper. ”

In Canada Caines would no longer suffer from the language barrier. Many Sabans and Statians are facing this problem in The Netherlands, she says. “Nine out of ten young Statians do not speak fluent Dutch. This costs them two years. Nevertheless they often decide to go to The Netherlands because the study is cheap. ”

The study financing system BES is will be harmonized with the system applicable in the European Netherlands. Now it will also be possible to receive support for studying at private schools. These are schools that are not subsidized by the Government. Also, recipients of student support will be able to start school in February, i.e., halfway through the academic year.

Previously, if students would change their study, they would not receive any support in August because their old study program had stopped in July and the new one would only start in September. However, their costs would not stop and this had caused many financial problems in the past. Now, like in the European Dutch study financing system, the support also starts in August.

On request, the standard monthly payment scheme of the support can also be adjusted. For many students at American universities the monthly payments are impractical  because they have to pay a large amount to their educational institution twice a year.



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