Sunday , February 5 2023

Saba, Flagler College formalise agreement

Commissioner of Education Bruce Zagers, last Thursday, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the President of Flagler College William Abare in St. Augustine, Florida. This MOU is to provide a more affordable opportunity for Saban students who wish to attend Flagler College.

From left: Saba Commissioner Bruce Zagers, his colleague from Bonaire Nina den Heyer and President of Flagler College William Abare.

Starting in the Fall of 2017, students who are enrolled in Flagler are eligible to receive a minimum grant of US $2,500 based on acceptance into the college and up to a maximum of $3,500 per year, which is dependent on the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA).

Flagler College is located in the oldest city in the United States. It is a private college, which has a student population of approximately 2,800. The college offers 31 majors and 36 minor programmes.

Flagler College has had a relationship with Saba for several years. Over the years, at least six Saban students have attended Flagler including Commissioner Bruce Zagers, who graduated in the spring of 2003.

Zagers stated that he hoped that this agreement will be the start of more to come with other colleges and universities. “Signing an agreement with the president of my former college was truly an honour. This MOU will create an opportunity to make studying at Flagler more affordable for the students and their parents.

“Although there are no Saban students at Flagler right now there are several that are interested and even one who has already been accepted. My intention as Commissioner is to negotiate similar MOUs with other colleges and universities which are popular with Saban students. Making tertiary education more affordable is the ultimate goal.”

Commissioner Nina den Heyer was also part of the delegation and signed the same MOU which will offer the same opportunities for Bonaire. Currently, there are two students from Bonaire enrolled at Flagler.

The Daily Herald.

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