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Increased exposure for destination Saba

Destination Saba is in the spotlight. Saba Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers is optimistic. The Dutch Holiday Fair (“Vakantiebeurs”) in Utrecht went very well and the exposure to attract more visitors from the region and North America continues to grow.

Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers (left) and Saba Tourism Office Director Glenn Holm (right) pose for a picture with Teena Lopes of the St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation at the Dutch Holiday Fair (“Vakantiebeurs”) in Utrecht last week. (Photo by TVC Advertising)

“In general, Saba is getting considerable exposure in the United States, Europe and in the region. Nominations such as the Most Beautiful Nature Area in the Netherlands public election and the Queen’s Garden Restaurant being nominated as a top class restaurant in the Caribbean by the USA Today newspaper helps,” said Zagers on Monday during his working visit to the Netherlands.

Saba has been working hard on promoting Saba in the Caribbean region, including in St. Maarten and St. Barths. New brochures have been printed geared towards two markets, day trippers and the yachting industry, while a new diving brochure will be created this year. The brochure for day trippers provides information on how to get to Saba and what the island has to offer for a short stay.

The brochure for the yachting industry outlines the mooring procedures and locations of the moorings. Saba will be expanding the number of moorings shortly. The material for the new moorings has arrived on the island, and the project should soon commence, stated Commissioner Zagers. The existing moorings will be strengthened.

Zagers said the “Vakantiebeurs” proved successful for Saba. “It was a great experience. Saba received substantial exposure. Many people were curious about Saba and many were already planning a trip and were looking for additional information,” said Zagers, who attended the “Vakantiebeurs” in addition to Saba Tourism Office Director Glenn Holm.
Saba will be represented at the annual Amsterdam Dive Show on February 4 and 5. Dahlia Hassell, a

Saba student in the Netherlands, will represent her island at that show. Hassell has a lot of experience in diving, the local dive shops and the Saba Conservation Foundation. “This is a good way to get Sabans studying in the Netherlands involved in helping to build our product,” said Zagers.

In addition, Saba’s private sector will be represented at the annual Boot show in Düsseldorf, Germany late January. The Saba Government is sponsoring the local participation at this large German show.

Zagers said the public relations firm that promotes Saba in the North America media, D&D PR, has been doing a good job. The com pany’s efforts have resulted in extensive coverage in the US throughout 2016, creating an estimated 243 million so-called impressions, internet and printed media views published in 54 articles.

Some of the printed media that published articles on Saba in 2016 were the Robb Report, Luxury Travel Advisor, All at Sea, Newsday, Money Magazine, San Antonio Express, the Sacramento Bee, Boston Herald, Shape Magazine, Islands, USA Today Go Escape, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Martha Stewart Weddings, Washington Post and Sunday Star Ledger.

There was even more coverage online, on the various media websites, some major ones, such as New York Times, USA Today, US News & World Report, Travel, Fox News, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Smithsonian, Conde Nast Traveler, Business Insider, Thrillist, Jet Setter, Palm Beach Post and NewsOK (Oklahoman Online).

Naturally, Zagers expressed content with all this positive media coverage. But did remain a bit cautious. “All this exposure doesn’t mean that we will see drastic increases from one month to the next. These results take time to materialise. In addition, we prefer quality over quantity. Saba is not in a position to cater towards mass tourism.”

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