Sunday , February 5 2023

Murder suspect taken into custody

The suspect from Bosnia, who was extradited by the authorities in the United States as a suspect in the socalled “Hector” investigation on Sunday has been questioned by a Judge of Instruction on Bonaire. S.C. (31) has been taken into custody pending the investigations in the case.

He is suspected of having killed Kavya Guda (24), who was a student at Saba University School of Medicine, at her apartment on April 15, 2015. He is suspected of rape, threats and possession of child pornography.

S.C. will now be heard by members of the police team in charge of the investigation comprising investigators from Caribbean Netherlands Police Force KPCN, the National Police Force of the Netherlands and the Royal Military Police (Marechaussees).

This is not the first arrest made in this to-date unsolved crime. A 27-year-old Medical School student from Canada, who was arrested by the Police on June 1, 2015, was released by an Investigation Judge on Bonaire one month later for lack of evidence.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. Thank God they got this Freak!!!! Wanted to be a doctor?????? Really….probably a kids doctor!!!!!Sick Sick !! I do believe the other arrest has some guilt to answer to……as well!!! They kept him a long time in jail…not enough evedince…..keep looking! Out…drop mic…