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Saba Reach Foundation has vacancy for a Director


DIRECTOR Saba Reach Foundation

(Fulltime from April 1st, 2017)

A proactive, analytical, results-oriented, and charismatic leader able to manage a dynamic organization in Saba’s social sector.

Saba Reach Foundation (SRF) is a non-profit organization which serves to facilitate sustainable employment and participation opportunities for (young) adult residents of Saba with a distance to the labor market.

SRF consists of four interrelated social/educational departments: second chance education, the social workplace, employment opportunities, and adult education.

Management responsibilities include:

§  General and financial management of the organization and coordination of all four departments;

§  Development of policy, year plans, and budgets based on insight and analysis of target group needs and changes in the social climate, drafting corresponding proposals for the SRF Board, and reporting on progress in periodic board meetings;

§  Grant and subsidy proposal writing and results-based reporting to donors;

§  Activity and program development, design and implementation;

§  Supervision of and professional development support for full-time and part-time staff members, recruitment of new staff members, and organization of semi-annual performance appraisals;

§  Supervision of the care and progress of participants enrolled in the at-risk programs and short-courses;

§  Consideration of the social function of the organization and visualizing opportunities aimed at the continuity and expansion of the organization’s local market position;

§  Representation of the organization at local, regional, and international meetings and conferences;

§  Developing relevant networks which strengthen the position and image of the organization in a positive way;

§  Promoting the image, purpose, and activities of the foundation through social, online, printed, and broadcast media.

Skills & Knowledge

•        Relevant experience a must, preferably with at-risk and challenging target groups in project leadership and/or management capacities;

•        Academic master’s degree preferred;

•        Shows entrepreneurship, takes initiatives, and able to lobby for SRF related social awareness and sponsorship;

•        Specialized knowledge of social labor market, social participation, and second chance education programs;

•        Insight into the relevant local and regional social environment, political and administrative developments, ideas and issues;

•        Knowledge of and insight into the issues faced by the target groups;

•        Insight into financial and corporate economic affairs, administrative and political relations and   processes;

•        Ability to guide and manage an organization;

•        Ability to perform duties in a consistent, conscientious, communicative, results oriented, high-quality, and independent way;

•        Strong team-player and networker with analytical and communicative talents.

•        Advanced computer skills and excellent command of English both written and spoken.

Visit our website for more information on Saba Reach Foundation and our program and activities.

Candidates are requested to submit applications by February 17th to the Saba Reach director La-Toya Charles at

Public Central Committee meeting scheduled for Monday January 23rd is cancelled
Invitation to public meeting of Central Committee, January 23