Friday , March 24 2023

Civil servants of Statia travel to policy writing/training workshop on Saba

Eight civil servants left St. Eustatius on Wednesday morning to attend a workshop on public policy writing on Saba.

Director of Planning and Infrastructure Roy Hooker said the Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure requested the training under the European Union’s programme for medium- and small-sized businesses EU-COSME. The programme was approved and will be joined by participants of Saba.

Civil servants of St. Eustatius with Director of Planning and Infrastructure Roy Hooker (fourth from right) preparing to leave the island for the policy-writing workshop on Saba.

The two-day workshop is intended to sharpen the skills of managers and directors in writing policies for Statia and Saba.

Instructors Theo Telting and Willem de Vlaming have wideranging backgrounds in the civil service, consultancy and academic tutoring. They have conducted similar workshops for St. Maarten and other Caribbean islands. The two instructors have a combined 20 years of experience in the field.

The two instructors will be covering a vast number of topics, ranging from working through the process involved in developing a policy statement, proposal, or initiative, and how to write for a range of audiences.

The Daily Herald.

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