Wednesday , March 22 2023

No fewer than 28 parties contesting general election

In total 28 parties have made the final cut and will appear on the ballot box for the March 15 general election, the Electoral Council said.

Three among the shortlist of 31 political parties failed to come up with the required 11,250-euro deposit, and are not allowed to take part in the election for a new Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament.

Of the 28 parties, 16 will attempt to collect votes in all 20 electoral districts. The other 12 parties failed to gather enough supporting signatures to participate in every district. The public entities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba together form one of those districts.

The oldest and youngest candidates in the election are age 93 and 16. Both are running for Party for Animals PvdD, the Electoral Council said.

Observers say a coalition of at least four parties is likely to be necessary to form a new government after the vote.

The Electoral Council also decided the full list of parties in the order they will appear on the ballot paper.
The list runs as follows:
1. Conservative VVD; 2. Labour party PvdA; 3. Party for Freedom PVV; Socialist Party (SP); 5. Christian Democrat CDA; 6. Centredemocrat D66; 7. Christian Union; 8. Green-left GroenLinks; 9. Orthodox Protestant party SGP; 10. PvdD; 11. 50PLUS; 12. Employers Party; 13. For Netherlands VNL; 14. Denk; 15. New Ways/Nieuwe Wegen; 16. Forum for Democracy/ Forum voor Democratie; 17. Civil Movement/ De Burger Beweging; 18. Liberal Party/Vrijzinnige Partij; 19. No Level/Geen- Peil; 20. Pirate Party/Piratenpartij; 21. Article 1/ Artikel 1; 22. Non-Voters/ Niet Stemmers; 23. Libertarian Party (LP); 24. Local in the Chamber/Lokaal in de Kamer; 25. Jesus Lives/ Jezus Leeft; 26. Vote NL/ StemNL; 27. Man and Spirit and Basic Income Party/ MenS en Spirit/Basisinkomen Partij/V-R; 28. Free Democratic Party VDP.

The Daily Herald.

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