Wednesday , February 28 2024

Two men arrested for Opium Law violation

Two men were arrested on Saba over the weekend for violation of the Opium Law BES, the Prosecutor’s Office reported Thursday.

A man with the initials M.M., who was born in the Dominican Republic, had about 50 grams of cocaine and crack in his possession when he arrived on Saba. The other man identified as Saba-born M.E.L. was caught with almost 750 grams of soft drugs in his possession.

Both men have been taken into custody during the continuation of the investigation. On Thursday the investigations into these cases were fully completed and the Prosecutor decided that both men will be prosecuted. They were issued a summons and will have to appear in front of a Judge on Saba in June.

Because the investigation has been concluded there was no legal cause to hold the two men any longer, the Prosecutor’s Office said, adding that both men were released from pre-trial detention.

Because the two men have received their summonses already they could be sentenced by a court of law even if they do not appear for their court hearings, it was stated.

The Daily Herald.

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