Sunday , October 1 2023

Middle Island Trail is now open again

Thanks to a great group of SUSOM students, the Middle Island Trail is open again from the beginning of February. The Middle Island trail is a heritage trail, with many cool features including remains of an old open cistern, impressive farm stonewalls, a cavern, dry forest and great views across Ladder and Well’s Bay.

In 2014, Saba’s historic Middle Island trail had been recreated by  our Canadian volunteers, with guidance by Trail Ranger James Johnson. They did a fantastic job restoring the old path, revealing great vistas of the west coast, including Well’s Bay and Diamond Rock. It had become become a jewel of the island’s trail network!

The trail is only  40-minutes short. It is a moderately difficult track. Unfortunately it got damaged by landslides and illegal dumping activities from the Wells Bay Road.

Please consider that all trails on Saba run through private property. Respect the rights of the owners, don’t stray off the marked path, don’t leave behind garbage and especially don’t interfere with the old cistern, which is still in use.

Do enjoy a new addition to Saba’s hiking adventure! Contact the Trail Shop for more details.

We love our volunteers!

The Trail Shop

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