Thursday , January 26 2023

RCN starts information campaign for March 15 Second Chamber Elections

On Thursday February 16th, Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN) launches an information campaign about the Second Chamber elections that will take place on March 15th on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. The campaign will run for four weeks. Its central theme is ‘My vote determines our future’. Eligible voters on the three islands will be informed that elections will take place and that the decisions made in the Second Chamber impacts the inhabitants of the islands.

The campaign consists of two phases. The first phase concentrates on the tasks of the Second Chamber. It explains how, decisions made in the Second Chamber in regards to for example health care, child benefits, study financing and safety norms and regulations at work, have direct consequences for the islands. The second phase starts after about two weeks and informs about the voting process itself. The central theme of this phase are the documents needed to vote, the locations where people can vote, the times when polling stations are open, and information about voting by power of attorney also known as voting by proxy.

RCN will use a wide range of materials for the campaign: posters, radio spots, TV-commercials, newspaper advertisements, flyers, digital billboards, banners, a website and a Facebook page.

Target audiences of the campaign are all eligible voters on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. To appeal to the broadest possible group, the campaign will usea wide range of models from different ethnic groups, ages and of both sexes. The local models will address the eligible voters insistently in Dutch, Papiamentu and English. To improve recognition of the campaign, models representing the senior citizens, the disabled and first time voters are also used in the campaign.

The RCN campaign will not give information about the political parties participating in the elections nor about their election programme. Inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands can obtain this information through the political parties themselves. The parties have websites, which include their election programme. Twentyeight parties are participating in the Second Chamber elections. Eligible voters in the Caribbean Netherlands can vote on 17 parties.

RCN was commissioned by the Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations to execute the campaign. Besides RCN, the Public Entity  of each island will give information about other aspects of the pending Second Chamber elections.


Note Editor

Information on the objectives of the different political parties is available on the site
Unfortunately this info is in Dutch.

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