Tuesday , January 31 2023

No recent confirmed cases of Zika on Saba

After an increase in Zika patients over the last weeks of 2016, recently there have not been any confirmed cases on Saba, the Public Health Department said.

Pregnant women are, however, still strongly advised to take measures against mosquito bites as it is too soon to say that there is no more local transmission of Zika on Saba, according to the Public Health Department.

The current intermittent rain is favourable for mosquitoes. Therefore, residents are urged to look around their houses and businesses at least once a week and empty, remove or cover any potential mosquito breeding site.

Those who experience Zika-related symptoms such as fever, rash, eye infection and/ or sudden joint pain are requested to contact Saba Health Care Foundation (SHCF). This would help understand the current status of Zika on Saba, the Public Health Department stated.

The Daily Herald.

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