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Fireman James Hassell promoted to shift leader

Veteran fireman James Hassell of the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade BKCN was promoted to shiftleader Tuesday during a brief ceremony in which Commander of the Saba Fire Brigade Julio Every presented him with his decree and stripes.

“At BKCN we invest a great deal in the training and education of our personnel. I am both glad and proud to finally be able to call James ‘Shift Leader Hassell,’” said General Commander Jair Tromp.

New shift leader at Saba’s Fire Department James Hassell (centre) receiving his rank insignia from Local Commander Julio Every (left) and Reid Barnes (right).

Shiftleader is considered the most important position within a fire department, both during a fire and other incidents and activities during a shift. The shiftleader determines how a shift is run.

Hassell began working with the Saba Fire Department in the late 1980’s. During the transition of the Fire Department to a Central Government operated department on 10- 10-10, Hassell had already been working 12 years as a fireman. He is presently working for seven years at BKCN, bringing his total to 27 service years.

“I began working for the Fire Department between 1989/1990, and the experiences I have gained while working were beyond my expectations. I thoroughly enjoy working at the Department. I have a good working relationship with all of my colleagues and look forward to continued good cooperation in the coming years,” said Hassell.

Prior to being promoted to the rank of shiftleader Hassell held the position of crew member B (manschap B). In 2016 he participated in the shiftleader training. The training, which took part on the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands, St. Maarten and partly in Europe, took approximately ten months.

Training in The Netherlands and Germany, respectively, included visits to training facilities Weeze and the Dutch Royal Air Force in Woensdrecht. The training comprised both practical and theoretical sections.

Before this most recent training for shiftleader Hassell successfully completed the Netherlands Institute for Physical Safety IFV instructors course. He is a Dutch Fire Academy certified instructor and a rope-rescue instructor. Furthermore, Hassell also received airport rescue and firefighting training at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Fire Department.

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