Monday , May 29 2023

Fort Bay Road closed March 18th through March 19th – Amended


Amended Notice

We hereby inform the public of the following:

Road construction of the “S” corner.

Construction of the “S” corner will begin on Saturday March 18th at 12 noon through Sunday March 19th at 12 noon. On Saturday starting at 5:30 am until 8:00pm public transportation will be provided from The Bottom to above the “S” corner and from below the “S” corner to the Fort Bay and return. This transportation will also be provided on Sunday morning. Information about the transportation schedule will be distributed during the upcoming days.

It is advised that persons do not leave their cars at the Fort Bay before the construction starts, because they will not be able to retrieve them until Sunday afternoon.

Traffic will resume as normal on Sunday afternoon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba

New Child Focus production: The Little Mermaid
Central Committee of the Public Entity Saba will meet on Thursday March 16th