Wednesday , February 1 2023

Short term parking regulations will be enforced in Windwardside

We hereby inform the public of the following:

Parking in Windwardside

Since March 1St 2016, new regulations regarding short term parking came into force in Windwardside. This message is a reminder of the applicable rules.

The following parking lots are for short term parking only:

  • in front of the Tourist Office,
  • across from the RBC Bank,
  • next to Scout’s Place and
  • behind Big Rock Supermarket.

Motorists may park in these parking lots from Monday to Saturday, 7am until 8pm, for a maximum of two hours.

A blue parking disc, which are free and available at stores and businesses in Windwardside, will indicate the time spent in the short term parking lots.

Double parking as is/was frequently the case in these parking lots is not allowed. Persons that work in Windwardside or will be spending more than two hours there, should park in the recently constructed parking lot, which was built to facilitate longer term parking. Pick up/drop off areas are designated on the street for the businesses in the area. In the upcoming weeks, these rules will be enforced

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba


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