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Saba Government kicks off Good Governance Program

On Tuesday, March 21st 2017, the Good Governance Program kick-off took place on Saba at the Sunny Valley Youth Center in the Bottom. Throughout the past year the Public Entity Saba, in close collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations, has been working on its goal of boosting Good Governance in Government owned companies and/or key-pillar foundations. This has resulted in the development of a tailor-made Good Governance Program, which consists of different modules offered throughout the course of 2017.

from left to right: Ms. Carla Aalse, Psychologist and trainer Nationaal Register, Mr. Geomaly Martes, Register Accountant, trainer Nationaal Register, Ms. Connie Thanis, trainer Nationaal Register, Mr. Gerald de Jong, legal counsel Public Entity Saba, Ms. Renate Hogendijk, trainer Nationaal Register and Mr. Tim Muller, Island Secretary Public Entity Saba.

Because statutory directors and (supervisory) board members uphold vital positions on the island, positions that are influential and key for further development and progress, it is important to keep expanding one’s personal capacities. During the kick-off, the organization called Nationaal Register, a company specialised in supervisory board positions and education, introduced the topic of Good Governance. Highly qualified lecturers from both from the islands in the region and from Europe gave the kick-off. Names such as Mr. Geomaly Martes, Ms. Connie Tanis and Ms. Carla Aalse, lectured during this kick-off. This first day was an orientation to the program, which gave more information about the complete program and input was received from everyone present. This feedback will help to fine-tune and further tailor the content of all of the different modules of the Good Governance Program going forward.

The Good Governance Program is offered through a collaboration of the Public Entity Saba, the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations and the Nationaal Register. It is a unique training program in good governance, which will provide the persons in those key positions with the extra tools they need to function more effectively as a director or (supervisory) board member. Governor Jonathan Johnson is pleased to have the program on Saba and stated, ‘‘I am happy to see this program come to fruition and I am looking forward to seeing the results of the program within the community.’’

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