Wednesday , February 1 2023

WIPM calls for more constructive debate in Island Council meetings

On the heels of Tuesday’s Island Council meeting concerning the recent pension reduction, the WIPM party is calling for more constructive debate on the floor of the Island Council. The meeting which saw the passage of a motion urging the Executive Council to work with stakeholders to solve the pension debacle, also took a very negative tone due to remarks from a member of the opposition.

“When the WIPM fraction called this meeting we felt that it was a great opportunity to send a positive message to the community in general, and the pensioners in particular, that the Island Council was aware of this very serious issue. We did not anticipate that a meeting with an issue of such magnitude would result in such a political and partisan atmosphere. We believe that the remarks of the senior member of the opposition were uncalled for and had no place in this meeting.”

The fraction members went on to state that, “The conduct of members of the Island Council, while in meetings, is governed by the Rules of Order and we intend to request the Chairman to call members to order when they fall out of line. Name calling of other members of the legislative body and ridiculing disabled members of the community have no place in political debate and should never be accepted, period.”

The Daily Herald.

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