Friday , March 1 2024

Police made arrest in firearm violation. Witnesses are invited to speak up.

On Sunday, May 21st , 2017, around 01:45 AM, the police received  a report that a fight was taking place, on the E.A. JOHNSON road in the vicinity of The Hide Away Bar & Restaurant in Windward Side, where witnesses would have seen that a man with the initials J.L.S.F. had drawn a fist weapon.

Once on the spot, J.L.S.F. had left in a car. He, together with two other persons, were looking for a person with whom he has just had a confrontation. The police were looking for the men in the car. Shortly thereafter, the patrol came across the particular car.

Taking the information about the firearm in consideration , the police took out their firearms requesting the passengers to get out of the car and show their hands. Two occupants immediately complied with police orders. The third suspect did not cooperate and touched the band of his trousers several times. Nevertheless, the police succeeded to lower J.L.S.F. to the ground and bring him under control.

According to the original report, J.L.S.F. had drawn the weapon in the presence of multiple witnesses. Witnesses who have not yet spoken to the police are asked to contact the Saba police by phone + 599-416-3737.

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