Tuesday , January 31 2023

Information session Lindenwood University

On May  23rd, Esmeralda Johnson, a Saban students studying abroad conducted an information session about the college she attends, Lindenwood University in the state of Missouri. At the session was Commissioner of Education, Bruce Zagers; Island Secretary,  Tim Muller; students of Form 4 of Saba Comprehensive School, their parents, and teachers.

Ms. Johnson has been attending Lindenwood University for three years and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with an emphasis in actuarial science. She is the first, and only Saban at this school yet managed to get the Saba flag hanging with the many others that represent the student body of the university. She also personally met with the school’s president and his wife.

The Lindenwood junior elaborated on the topics of Health and Wellness;  Admissions; Housing; Athletics Programs; and dining options. The University which is located 30 minutes away from the city of St. Louis, has a 25 to 1 student to teacher ratio, which creates a more personal learning environment for students. There are also opportunities for international students to work on campus. Her advice to the students was to start their research one year before they graduate and apply to multiple schools. Parents were encouraged to do the research with their kids as well.

Commissioner Zagers also added to the presentation and spoke about his impression of Lindenwood University. He started by expressing how impressed he was with the school. How it gave him a familiar feeling, filled with friendly people, well maintained and of the opportunities in place for international students. Currently, 831 international students from 93 countries choose Lindenwood University to meet their educational needs.

Commissioner Zagers stated that even though Flagler University has his heart, which is where he attended school, if any of his children wanted to attend Lindenwood University, he would be happy to send them there. He mentioned of the agreement that he signed with Lindenwood University that grants Saban students $7,760 per academic year, which makes Lindenwood University one of the most affordable for our students wishing to study there. In closing, Commissioner expressed his appreciation to Mr. Jeff Johnson for making the connections with Lindenwood University and encouraged students and parents to look into the possibilities of this university.

Anyone interested in learning more about Lindenwood University can find more information at the Saba Comprehensive School’s guidance counselor’s office.

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